CCTV installation and monitoring

Are you looking to vastly improve the quality of your security? CCTV is one of the fastest developing markets in the country and with NIS Systems you can be sure you'll receive the latest in business CCTV installation.

CCTV is both used and recommended by insurers and the police as the main means of crime prevention. It is amongst the most cost-effective means of providing deterrents to prevent intruders, stop vandalism and to monitor health and safety issues.

With over ten years' experience installing commercial CCTV systems all over the UK, we've built up a reputation as one of the country's leading firms, and all of our CCTV installers are vastly experienced and highly trained to ensure only the highest standards of workmanship.

Site 360° - Specialising in Construction Site CCTV and Building Site Surveillance

From as little as £100 per week, with free construction site CCTV monitoring, installation and maintenance throughout the length of the contract, you could experience benefits such as:

  • A CCTV system Designed exclusively to protect construction sites and warehouse/transport yards
  • Complete CCTV Perimeter Security - Control Room already aware of an imminent intruder
  • Conversation takes place via on-site PA system and warning issued
  • Simple to manage on-site CCTV DVR & playback facility with external smart phone/software viewing option
  • 24-hour fully manned CCTV monitoring station to alert police or local security to the threat of any incidents
  • No personnel issues such as invalid work permits, SIA Licences, no inductions
  • Next morning incident report...what the incident was, and how it was dealt with
  • No lateness, absenteeism, or falling asleep, the camera never lies or sleeps

The Site 360° construction site CCTV system is the ultimate replacement of manned guarding, offering heightened security at a vastly reduced cost. No matter what time of day, you can rely on Site 360° to provide conclusive evidence of whatever it is you need recording.

Why put up with absenteeism, lateness, ‘human error’ situations, inaccurate or false reporting and ‘inside job’ involvement in on-site crime when you can have the latest CCTV security technology that shows only the facts? The last few years have seen vast improvements in the quality and affordability of digital camera technology, and by switching from a ‘guard in a cabin’ to cameras you could save up to 70%.

Benefits of a NIS Systems CCTV package include:

  • Tailored exactly to your needs - pan/tilt/ zoom or static cameras, infrared beams, motion sensors, DVR confident your site is fully protected at all times
  • Same day incident report, complete with high-quality CCTV footage
  • CCTV Systems designed to do everything you require but will not cost a penny more than you need to pay
  • CCTV System installation to the highest possible standards
  • Ensuring you know how to use the equipment to its full potential
  • Reliable, multi-personnel 24 hour control centre - alert to any on-site activity
  • Less liability - decreased risk of Health and safety liabilities /personal injury claims
  • More reliability - business can use pan, tilt and zoom or static cameras to capture evidence
  • Active Deterrent - audible system deters would-be intruders instantly - they know they are being monitored.
  • Savings - clients regularly report an average 50% annual saving