Reliable employee monitoring with the GS2000 Guard Tour system

Is your current patrol system constantly failing? Are you struggling to prove accountability? Don't risk losing your clients' good faith and risk disputes - Get the new GS2000 Guard Tour data collection terminal.

Based on RFID technology, it helps you monitor your employees whose working duties require moving from place to place, such as security guard patrolling, remote equipment inspections, property maintenance and asset management.

The benefits:

The GS2000 is a one off cost; with free lifetime technical support, three years' product warranty and Guard Pro software included so there are no hidden costs.

Its metal and rubber construction is designed for heavy use in the most challenging of environments. It has been designed to have a high resistance to rough handling and accidental damage. The GS2000 is ideal for conducting multi-site patrols. The unique check points allow multiple sites to be covered by a single data recorder. Once the data is downloaded reports can be created for each site separately.

Badly designed guard patrol readers or abuse by the operator are usually the root cause, but many companies continue to spend huge sums repairing or replacing flawed equipment.

Don’t allow your company to spend any more money than it needs to - call us and book yours today.

The GS2000 starter kit is provided with:

  • Handset unit
  • Base station unit (USB)
  • Guard patrol software
  • Belt clip
  • Belt pipe holster
  • Patrol check point x10


  • Robust baton type metal housing
  • No-contact reading
  • Single-cell battery operation
  • Journal memory 14,320 records
  • IrDA data transfer from GS2000 handset to base station
  • IP66 water-resistant and shock-proof
  • Up to 100,000 reading scan operations per heavy-duty C size alkaline battery
  • Simple one-touch button operation for scan and communication
  • LED and buzzer to show operation status
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • ‘Sleep Mode’ power saving feature for long battery operation
  • Custom branding