Professional data cable and network solutions

Are you planning a relocation or refurbishment? Perhaps your data cabling and network infrastructure needs improving? The process of installing a data cabling system can be a complex task, but our team of data cabling installers have years of experience to help provide you with reliable, quick and cost-effective service.

NIS Systems will carry out functional testing of all existing hardware, software and cabling before and after a network installation. This ensures your network system will run efficiently with the correct security measures in place.

A more efficient workspace

With all of the cables that need to connect the computers, servers and hardware, and the necessity to keep everything in a stable condition, a professional approach is vital. All of our work comes with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and we also offer on-going maintenance packages.

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What you can expect from NIS Systems:

  • Our installers identify each individual cable by sight and label accordingly.
  • Data cables will be organised so that they do not constitute an obstacle to anyone.
  • Depending on the size of the network hundreds of data cables can be installed without any down time.
  • Our installers are fully aware of desk management.
  • All work completed is fully tested and compliant to regulatory standards.